Instructional Coach Weekly Update

Week of May 1-5

FAST Testing Reminders

Here's the link to the google doc with reminders about FAST testing procedures (same as what's listed below). Please take some time to review these before we start testing next week. Remember you can start testing some of your higher students (that we know will make the cut) this week if you would like!


  • Talk to your class as a whole about general testing procedures (i.e. doing your best work, not speed reading, wearing your glasses, offer some incentives/external motivators if it’s needed, etc.)

  • Know whether you (the homeroom teacher) or the special education teacher is going to test your special education students.

  • Clear your cache - ask Megan how to do this if you are unsure how to do it

  • Restart your computer right before you start testing

  • Take a power cord and mouse with you for testing

  • Have no other tabs open on your computer

  • Make sure you have found a quiet place room to test - no hallway testing

  • Have a chair outside the testing area if you plan on having a student “on deck” for testing

  • Bring a cell phone or other timer to use if your timer typically doesn’t work on the system

  • You can test a couple of kids earlier in the week before your assigned half day with a sub to see if the system is working.


  • Follow script exactly - the first passage has a longer script, the second and third passages has a shortened script for you to read

  • You don’t start the timer until the student reads the first word

  • 3 second rule- you must wait a FULL 3 seconds (count in your head) before telling a student a word they don’t know

  • If you tell them the word it’s an error (make sure to wait 3 seconds first)

  • If they say a name wrong it’s an error (every time they say the name wrong, it’s wrong)

  • If they change the ending on a word (i.e. “grows” but should have read “growing”) it’s an error

  • If a student skips a word it’s an error

  • If a student is sounding out a word or doesn’t say anything for 3 seconds give them the word and count it as an error

  • If a student continuously says the same word wrong throughout the passage, it’s an error every time

  • Adding word(s) is NOT an error

  • Re-reading or repeating words is NOT an error

  • Have a student “on deck” (outside the door of the room where you are testing) to make the testing go quicker

  • If a student skips a whole line there is a button you can click at the start of each line in the passage that will mark that whole line as an error

  • Students that wear glasses need to wear them

  • Students that use a guide (ruler, overlay, etc.) to help them read can use it

  • Record median score on this google doc at the end - make sure you are recording the correct score

    • Any new students that have joined us since this fall please add a line on the google doc

    • Any student that has left our district since this fall please DO NOT delete their row, just put “moved” in the winter score box

  • Still need to PM the week of testing


  • Call me (319.430.8150) or email me if you are having any issues. I will do my best to address them/re-set them ASAP

This Week


  • 10:15 5th grade team planning meeting
  • 11:00 Big Picture Planning meeting with all admins
  • 2:00 Summer school meeting with Barbara
  • 7:45 4th grade team planning meeting
  • Work with teachers and students
  • 1:00 meeting with Jon
  • 3:45 3rd grade team planning meeting


  • I will be out of the building on Wednesday for doctors appointments


  • Work with teachers and students


  • 7:30 - Special Education meeting
  • Work with teachers and students
  • NO Learning meetings
  • 1:00 IC meeting

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