Unit 2 Summative

By: Emma Boudreau

Unit 2 Enduring Understanding

Humans Migrate, create cultural mosaics, and balance the forces of cooperation and conflict among different social groups.

Section 1 Analysis

Humans Migrate:

Humans Migrate for many reasons. It may be because of personal reasons or just because they want a change in scenery. Humans may migrate to the the town over, they may migrate across the state or country, and they might even migrate to the other side of the world. Here are some push and pull examples of migration:


  • war/safety
  • political leader
  • weather/natural disasters
  • famine/disease
  • economy/ personal finances
  • cultural differences
  • environment
  • job opportunities
  • geography (physical features)
  • family
  • education
  • sports/culture/leisure/recreation
Humans may need to migrate. They may not even have a choice. It may be forced on them.

Humans Create Cultural Mosaics:

In life humans and countries/groups have different things that make themselves up. Weather its their culture, the color of their skin, or their family it doesn't matter what it is there is always something that makes you, you or a group that group. Cultural Mosaics can help explain this by showing what means the most to a person or group. Social organizations, values and religion, art and literature, government, language, customs and traditions, and opportunity/future--hopes/jobs are all things that can be shown in a mosaic of a person and/or a group. It is what is important to you.

Humans Balance the Forces of Cooperation and Conflict Among Different Social Groups:

There are always going to be different social groups and something that separates you from someone else. That's how life works. There will always be different groups that you will be a part of in your life and that will never change. People join different social groups because they want to fit in and they feel that if they don't then they won't fit in ever. They join groups that are exactly like them so they have something to talk about and other people to feel safe with. When you have different social groups there is always some type of conflict between who the groups think is better then the others. The groups may settle this by fighting or meeting with each other.

Future Prediction of Migration, Social Groups, and Creating Cultural Mosaics

I think that in the future everything between social groups, migration, and cultural mosaics will change because with time comes change. Nothing is the same year to year. There is something that always changes and that's what I will think will happen social groups, migration, and cultural mosaics.

Section 2 Application

Real World Examples

Humans Migrating

In the real world migration happens in every town, state, country, and continent. For example (for country to country), loads of people in Syria are migrating over to the Europe border and they are creating refugee camps that many people call "The Jungle". They move there in groups because they want better lives hoping that they can get into Europe for a new life and jobs and homes. Many of them sneak across the border because they don't know what else to do. They are all war torn people looking for better lives but can't move all in at once so what some have to do because they are so desperate is sneak across. This is an example of migration because they are people looking for better lives that moved someplace to get that and when some people migrate that's what they look for.

Humans Creating Cultural Mosaics

When humans create cultural mosaics they are creating a piece of art. Anyone can create one. Their personality and what makes up them is what makes the mosaic. For example, countries all around the world are different and they all have their own "cultural mosaic" because it is what others see from the outside. Take the US for example. We are known for our very powerful army, our patriotism, vacation spots, and how family oriented we are. That is what people see from the outside and that is what out cultural mosaic is.

Humans and Their Social Groups

In the real world humans and their social groups come into play a lot. Humans find different social groups to fit into society so they don't feel alone. For example, in this world there are different social classes and how much money they have affects how they act with each other. There is the upper class which has all the money, there is middle class which has enough money to not go poor and to live their life (probably you and me), and then there is the lower class who's group may not know where they are going to live the next day and how they are going to get their food. This group doesn't really have money at all.

Power Shifting Between Social Groups

When power shifts between different social groups it can be good and bad. It can cause war and fighting or it could be what is best. For example, in the real world when WWII was happening there was a big power shift with countries at the end the US got most of the control and won the war. In this case the different social groups would be the different countries.

Pros and Cons of Power Shifting in Social Groups


  • It may be what is best for everyone
  • It may be a gorup that may have good power and control


  • It may cause fighting between social groups
  • It may cause all the other groups to come together and take over

Section 3 Transfer

How My Life Connects to Migration, Cultural Mosaics, and Social Groups....

Humans Migrate

In my life I have migrated to different towns across NH. I don't really remember migrating but what have my parents have told me it seems like I know enough to explain how and where I have migrated to and from. Me moved when I was two because we needed a bigger house for our growing family. We lived in Bedford at the time and moved to a small house in Hooksett. Two years later we had to move again because my parents found out that they were having my little sister. We started to build a house down the street from where we were living then. A bigger and better one that fit all of our needs. This is migration because even though we moved just a town over and down the street we needed something bigger and better.

Humans Create Cultural Mosaics

In my life I have created a cultural mosaic for who I am. What makes up me is my cultural mosaic. I play lacrosse and soccer, I love my family, I will always have PA pride, and my personality all make up my cultural mosaic.

Humans and Social Groups

In my life I am part of many social groups. I am on many sports teams and have many from that (PA soccer, PA lacrosse, GPS soccer, Tomahawks Lacrosse). Since I also go to PA I have all my friends there. I am part of many different social groups with many different traits that make the group up represent who I am as a whole.

Bullets and Ballets

In bullets and ballets I was part of the Peasants and Workers social group. Each person in our group got 2 votes and the group as a whole didn't have any MSUs to use against other social groups. Our objective was to get the United States to support us and we wanted to gather evidence to show them that the Guatemalan government is taking over. At the end of month one each group gained MSUs the Army and Wealthy had 220 they gained 20, the Guerrillas had 100 they gained 40, the United States had 60, and the Government had 20. We made treaties but didn't get them signed. The power shifted because the Guerrillas and Army and Wealthy gained points. Some people made treaties and some point/MSUs were changed. The United States has now gotten involved and tried to make peace and give us more power. At the end of month two the Army and Wealthy had 210 MSUs, the Guerrillas had 60, the United States had 60, the Government had 45, and we gained 25 MSUs and 3 votes. The power shifted because we get 25 MSUs and 3 votes. Many treaties were made and many negotiations happened. The United States made negotiations that gave us some power. At the end of month three the Army and Wealthy had 180 MSUs, the Guerrillas had 95, the United States had 90, the Government had 30, and we had 25. The power shifted because Guatemala joined together to get the United States out. The Army and Wealthy became Guerrillas. Some examples of cooperation and conflict among groups is everyone vs. Army and Wealthy/Guatemalan vs. the United States. The United States joined the rest of Guatemala and our intention was to get the United States out of it. But, the United States promised to even out everyone's power.