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November 11, 2015

The Hour of Code is Coming Soon (again)

December 7th-13th

This year there are new challenges at the Hour of Code site related to Star Wars.

We also have an 8th grader eager to work on coding with younger students during that week. This is for his 8th grade challenge. Third/fourth grade teachers, be on the look out for an email from him soon.

Let us know (Bonnie, Linda, Sagui) if you'd like our support in the computer lab, in your classroom, or would like to brainstorm any ideas or tools. It would be great to get 100% participation for this event!

Some recent posts about Hour of Code include:

A Different Approach to Coding (it's not just for potential careers, but an important skill)

Hour of Code Suggestions By Grade Level

We talk about connected educators...

... but what about the connected student? Remember our technology goal from a few years ago: "Our students will share, collaborate, or publish work with an audience beyond our classroom." Here are some of the benefits!
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Join the #wsdvt #Thankful Challenge!

Share one thing you're thankful for each day in different ways. Use the document (click on the title above) as a guide or come up with your own ideas. Share your thoughts via Twitter or in our Google+ Community.

Scam Alert: Be Careful Clicking on Links in an Email

There's been a lot of that going around. Be cautious. This post (click on the title above) shares some great tips.

Thoughts About the Plotter (poster) Printer at WCS

We are so fortunate to have the large printer that's housed at WCS. It has been very sensitive since late last spring and we're doing everything to prolong its life.

Please only use this printer for things that will be used over time or re-used over time. This printer should not be used by students (they don't have access to it) and should not be used for one-time only projects.

ABSers- if you have something you'd like printed, get in touch and I'm happy to help and transport it as well.

Anyone have thoughts? Opinions? Let's preserve this great resource!

Importing Data into My Maps

Interactive Quiz and Survey Tools for All Ages

Remember, students should not be creating accounts at these sites.


I've shared this site before, but was just reminded of it and wanted to pass it along again! Here's a review by and for educators about it.

Part learning management system, part conversation starter, Biblionasium is like GoodReads for elementary and middle school students. Teachers can create classrooms within the site, monitor students’ reading and see conversations around a book. This is a great way for younger kids to practice interacting in an online forum that is designated for them and their books. The site is Web-based and FREE.

Curious about Mystery Hangouts or Mystery Skypes?

This post from a classroom teacher explains the process. If you'd like help connecting, please let me know and I'm happy to assist. Teachers in WSD who have done this have reported that it was an incredibly valuable experience.

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Contact Your Friendly Tech Integration Team!

Email is best as we're not always at our desks. Set up a time to problem-solve, brainstorm, examine curricular units, or learn.