Scientific Revolution

Francisco G 2nd

what was the change and the people associated with it?

The change that most impacted society was the scientific revolution. This was a time when scientist began to question the unknown, mostly the church and the main believes. Their were more question then answers about the geometry theory. This didn't explain everything about the stars,moon, and planets. One of the first ever person to express their ideas about this was Copernicus. He managed to changed peoples minds and even the future by making a small ,but powerful statement. He believe that the planets revolve around the sun, yet later on he died after publishing his book.

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Nicolaus Copernicus

Renaissance Man ("Blister in the Sun" by the Violent Femmes)
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Galileo Galilei

he was the next person in list to persuade this idea. He even went against Church warnings and even got his freedom stolen from him. Anyways in 1610 he published his book "starry messenger". what was this about? In this book he explain his research on the planets and the sun. He informed that the sun got dark spots and that Jupiter got four moons revolving it. Probably the most important part of his research was that the moon surrounding the earth was uneven and the layer of it was rough,

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isaac newton

To summarize it all, Issac newton was the one to finished this. He explained that every object on this world has mass and are effected by the gravitational force laws. This laws explained that objects in movement stop unless acted by an unknown force. This is just one of them, but he also created a book stating all his ideas just like the pass scientist. He call it "the mathematical principles of natural philosophy". Last of all, he believe that god was the crated of this universe and the clock master to set everything on motion.

how did the change impact the society at the time?

At the time many church's believers didn't quite go with the idea. After Copernicus ideas were express and push aside. Many people saw curiosity in their soul, which was can of unique back then. Also, many scientist began to do their own work or research. This meant the start of a new era that could change the bright future on others. Anyways people were frighten that the church would kill them or executed them. The believe spreader after many scientist started to express their believes on the world. Society change how? well after sometime and actions taking. people could finally get a clear view at the scene. This unfolded the whole thing expressing that Copernicus was right all this time.

how is that change evidence in today's modern society?