I Want to be a Documentary Producer

By: Colby Loveless

What is a Documentary Producer

A documentary producer makes documentaries which are movies or television segments that teach some sort of facts. As a documentary producer you may have to be an entrepreneur, financier, visionary, and a manager. They can even be directors, cinematographers, and writers for the documentary.
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Education Needed

To be a documentary producer you can get a bachelors degree in film and basic training but it is not required

Who needs the services of a documentary producer

  • Teachers of all sorts
  • Historians
  • people of the public who want to learn

How do we figure out what a day in the life of a documentary producer looks like

You could watch a documentary, look it up, or watch them at their job. If you were on you could be filming a segment for your documentary or finding an interesting topic to focus your documentary on. You could also be on a computer figuring out a budget for the documentary to keep running.

Why would someone to be a documentary producer

You might want to be a documentary producer if you want to figure out a problem, inform people of something you like, or enjoy filming, or editing. You could also enjoy traveling, seeing different parts of the world, learning about different cultures, or it could be the emotion from some people you interview that you can tell isn't scripted.

What is the toughest job demand for this career field

The toughest job for a documentary producer would be budgeting the money to run all of the processes to making a documentary. You may have to travel, or buy cameras lights and sound recorders.