COVID-19 Updates

Ozark School District

After recent changes by the CDC, students and staff are now able to reduce quarantine time from 14 to 10 days if not showing COVID-19 symptoms.

The new guidance will also allow students/staff who have had no symptoms to return to school after 7 days of quarantine with a negative test result taken after day 5 of quarantine. It is the responsibility of the family to seek out and pay for the test, as well as provide Ozark School District with the negative test result. The local health department does not offer COVID-19 testing.

Here is the CDC release reducing quarantine periods.

Here is the updated COVID-19 & Quarantine FAQ

Our teachers are working incredibly hard to ensure students are learning whether they are in-person or at home due to a COVID-19 quarantine or positive test.

There are two items we need your help with.

  1. We can only provide virtual instruction to students absent due to a COVID-19 quarantine or positive test. Simultaneously teaching virtually and in-person requires additional planning and preparation and takes time to have everything ready for your student.

  2. For students at home due to a COVID-19 quarantine or positive test, please ensure your student is participating in their education if they feel well enough. Our teachers are here to help keep students caught up while at home, but we have many students coming back extremely behind due to not attempting any work. Students can catch up when a day or two of assignments are missed, but long durations of missed assignments make catching up extremely difficult for the student and the teacher. For more information about the process of virtual learning while on quarantine, click here.

Masks Required at Extracurricular Events

Ozark School District now requires masks to be worn by visitors at all times while inside our facilities for extracurricular events.

We want to provide our students the best experience possible, including an audience, while participating in extracurricular activities and do not want to restrict community attendance at our events.

With coronavirus cases on the rise, we want to provide a safe environment for community members to enjoy watching our students, and masking is the best way to do this. Social distancing is difficult or not feasible for popular events so masks are required regardless of social distancing.

Limited concessions will continue to be available. Our goal is to be able to continue offering food as long as we do not have issues with people using food as an excuse for not wearing a mask.

Please remember to keep your student home if they are exhibiting any symptoms. We will work with families to set up virtual learning for absences lasting longer than 2-3 days due to illness.

We need your help to keep everyone safe and healthy.

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