In 1851 during the time that they found gold rush in California, a gold rush began in Australia. The gold in California was mainly form of very fine grains, called gold dust.

Gold back then was very expensive so everyone came to all of the countries that have found gold.


Gold is a rare metal.

It is inside rocks or mixed with river sand.

People wash river sand to find gold.

People dig for gold under the ground.

Lumps of gold are called nuggets.

During the gold rush In Australia there was a licence you had to get to mine. All of the miners where angry they build barracks to protect them self's from the (traps) as police. 30 shillings was really hard to work for even they had to pay for a licence every month.


On hearing that there was gold to be found, thousands of people left there homes and jobs and set off to the diggers to find there fortune . At the start of the gold rush, there were no roads to the goldfields, and no shops to be seen for miles.


In the early years of the gold rush there were very few women at any of the goldfields. A few women were diggers, and some were shopkeepers at the diggings. Most women stayed home with their children, usually with very little money to live on, while their husbands travelled to live and work at the diggings.

Chinese in the Australian goldfields

When the Chinese arrived the Chinese stayed together in large teams with one chief. The teams where scatted every where in Australia looking for gold but they where not aloud to look for gold the only time they where to look for gold is when there are no more gold in the mines but the miners didn’t care about the little bits of gold left the mines so the Chinese where looking for little tiny bit miners left from there swinging and fortune.

The Eureka stockade

Eureka stockaThe de began when miners had to buy licences to mine gold was expensive so the government made the miners buy a mining licence so that everyone could not mine for themselves.

The gold rush had left very few men available to work in various trades and jobs because they went to seek their fortune on the goldfields. To try and limit the number of people who left their jobs to search for gold, the government made people buy a licence to mine.