Governor's School for Entrepreneurs

Week 2

Cultivating the Mindset!

We are activating the innate entrepreneurial spirit, cultivating the mindset and propagating the next generation of entrepreneurship in Kentucky. Our entrepreneurs have spent a lot of time with their team, working to bring their ideas to life. Here are the highlights of Week 2 at GSE 2018! Demo Day is on the horizon - and our teen entrepreneurs are ready to pitch!

Overcoming Fear
Entrepreneurship is facing failure, and failure is often tied to fear. We understand that conquering physical fear often translates into mental and emotional confidence. At GSE, we take a variety of approaches to instill the entrepreneurial mindset. This is one of our favorite approaches!

Bringing Ideas to Life!
Not only do we want our entrepreneurs to find viable solutions to the problems they identify, but at GSE, they also bring those solutions to life. This year, we partnered with ArtLab3D to ensure our entrepreneurs create the best prototypes they can while with us. Be sure to attend Demo Day so you can see their MVPs!


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Lean Startup Methodology is an anchor at GSE. Lean Startup comes from Lean Thinking, which is a management approach famously applied in Toyota’s factory production system. TMMK is always a highlight of GSE, as our entrepreneurs visually experience and apply what we've discussed during a learning session.

Etiquette Banquet

Our entrepreneurs dressed to impress for our professional banquet. They learned how to navigate many professional scenarios, as well as formal dining etiquette. We know this will play a role as they begin to build their professional network in the very near future!
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GSE Alum Day!

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GSE alum visited our current entrepreneurs to share their GSE experience and offer advice in preparation for Demo Day. Thank you to all the GSE alum that donated their time. We're thankful for all of the support our alum give to the program, and we can't wait to connect with them in new and exciting ways soon!

The BMC is Complete!

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Demo Day is on July 14th!

Our Entrepreneurs work tirelessly over three weeks to apply all that they learn while with us. In less than a week, they will pitch their ideas live, on stage, to a panel of judges and an audience of over 400 people. We invite YOU to attend to see the transformation of our participants from students to entrepreneurs! RSVP below!

The Governor's School for Entrepreneurs

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