Roman Entertainment

Learn about what the Roman's do for fun!

The Colosseum

One of the most famous buildings in Rome is the Colosseum. The Colosseum could hold over 50,000 people. The events at the Colosseum nearly all involved death and destruction, such as the well known Gladiator fights or lesser known ones such as mock sea battles and animal fighting.

Circus Maximus

One of the most popular forms of Roman entertainment was the Chariot Races. The circus was specific to Rome, but it cold hold 250,000 people. Both the Gladiator fights and the chariot races were usually fought by slaves or prisoners of war.

Campus Martius

The campus was an old solider drill ground that was converted into a track and field playground. Young men all around Rome gathered to compete in sports such as foot racing, jumping, archery, wrestling and boxing.


To people today, Roman entertainment was cruel. But not all of the entertainment in Rome was this way. Some of the more educated Romans saw how cruel things such as the Gladiator fights were. So they went to the Theater, however records from the past show that they rarely put on serious performances, most were what we would call comedies.
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