Innovation Center

January 2017

A New Year for Growth

The Minecraft Club celebrated Computer Science Education Week in December by participating in the Hour of Code. Students learned how to code different stages of a video game, and then they were able to code their own version of Minecraft. Check out the students' work here:




The Sunshine State Young Readers book club has begun! Each grade has a club and will meet weekly to read and discuss five different books for the next five months. The books to be read in January are The Worst Class Trip Ever (6th), The Crossover (7th), and The Summer I Saved the World in 65 Days (8th). Students will get to share their thoughts about the book face-to-face and in Google Classroom. There are a few vacancies open, so any students committed to reading and discussing books should see Ms. Ratliff. The fifteen SSYRA books are available for check out to students not in the book clubs as well. Any student who reads all 15 books from the 2016-2017 SSYRA list will receive a free book!

Innovation Center Highlights

What's coming up?

  • Florida Literacy Week is just around the corner! The Innovation Center will host different events throughout the week of January 23-27 in celebration of this year''s theme: "Literacy Changes Our World". Teachers and students interested in Wednesday's Read to Me event should sign up with Ms. Ratliff immediately to secure a spot.
  • All week: Free Book Drawings & Lost Book Fine Forgiveness!!! Check out a book Monday-Friday to be entered into the daily drawing for a free book! Have you lost a book and can't check out a book? We want you back in the innovation center and checking out books! Any students who have lost a book From Warrington Middle may enter the drawing to have one library book fine forgiven. Multiple drawings each day!!!
  • Monday, 1/23: Bookmark makerspace- Design and craft your own bookmark. (Available all day)
  • Tuesday, 1/24: Author writing event- Write to a favorite author about the impact their writing has had in your life. (Available all day)
  • Wednesday, 1/25: Read to Me (formerly called R.E.A.D.)- Read to a dog during research class. Students and classes must sign up in advance with Ms. Ratliff. Space is limited! (Available only during 3rd period block)
  • Thursday, 1/26: Journal Makerspace- Make your own journal with fabric and paper. (Available during 4th period)
  • Friday, 1/27: Minecraft Story Setting Design- Play multiplayer MinecraftEdu in a special world where you will recreate the setting of a favorite story. No prior Minecraft experience necessary. (Available during research classes only)
  • Overdue book notices will be distributed this month. Please encourage students to return books to the library bin in the cafeteria if they cannot return books to the library.

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"You want weapons? We are in a library. Books are the best weapons in the world" -- Dr. Who