Colin Bastianoni P:9 5/16/16

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Panthers are usually found on three of the world's continents. The black panther is found in Asia, Africa, and America and they usually live in the Forest, swampland and grasslands to stake there pray( Panther). The black panther usually lives live in tropical and deciduous forest, panthers can also live in marches because they get protected by the sun so they do not get sun burned. Another cool fact is that the main part of why panthers are going extint is because off habitat loss. ( Panther )


The black panther has four strong muscular legs and a strong back. The black panther uses there strong back to hold there food on there back when they are traveling. ( Panther)The black panther has four paws and sharp claws that they use to dig into the ground/soil when climbing. (Panther)
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Body covering

The black panther is covered by a layer of skin which is covered by another layer of fur. There height in inches is 43-75 inches so that means that is a lot of fur!! The color of there skin is dark brown, and black. Most of the black panther species also has ovilish/circle black spots on there fur making them even harder to see when they are hunting there pray. (Colin's Brain )
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Black panthers reproduce sexually. The female panthers will have their cubs for about 2-3 months after there gestation period which is 90-105 day ( Panther ). Female panthers are able to reproduce at age 3-4, you might think this is early but really panthers live for only 12-15 years. Unlike many other animals panthers will stay with there mate for a long time and will share there food. ( Panther )
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Other info

- 31 species

- there color is Dark brown, and black

- they are carnivores

- top speed 71 mph

- range in weight between 79 to 350 lbs

- there biggest threat is habitat loss

- life span is 12-15 years

- only 80-100 panthers are in the wild today!!!

- panthers love to swim in water

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