Mrs. Brown's Bulletin

Back to School Edition- September 2016

Finding our Groove!

With four weeks under our belt, our 4th grade crew has grown accustomed to our rigorous learning schedule, GOLD behavior expectations and as well as getting to know their new classmates and teachers. I am so proud of them and the hard work they put in every day!

What We Have Been Learning...

  • Social Studies- North Carolina geography, important cities and physical features of NC, 3 regions of NC
  • Math- Reading and writing big numbers (numbers up to 999,999); Showing a number in expanded form; understanding how each place value is related to other places (comparing the value of the digits); comparing and ordering large numbers and rounding numbers up through the hundred thousands place
  • Reading- Summarizing fiction and nonfiction using important details/information only; learning specific strategies for summarizing fiction (story elements and Someone Wanted...) and nonfiction (table- main idea is the top and legs are the important details); learning the difference between summarizing and retelling; focus on character traits; differentiate between physical and character traits; using text evidence to infer character traits; using the text and what you already know to make an inference; and learn that an inference is information the author doesn't directly explain in the text.

Homework on the Lighter Side

Research shows there is no direct correlation between student achievement and daily homework completion. While we have not eliminated homework completely in 4th grade, we have reduced the amount significantly.

All 4th graders should be spending time reading for enjoyment each night. Please continue to support your child by helping them find books they enjoy reading. They have opportunities to check out books from our classroom libraries as well as our school library. If they are enjoying reading they will do it more often therefore increasing their vocabulary and building their reading skills.

Salt Dough North Carolina Maps coming soon!

This week we are excited to create topographical maps of NC as we wrap up our first social studies unit. We would love your help collecting flour (all purpose) and salt as need 12 cups of each which means we need SIX 26oz salt containers (iodized or not) and TWO 5 lbs. bag of flour. Please send some in by Thursday if you are able to contribute.


We love snacks! If you are able, please send a healthy snack for our 18 hungry kids about once per nine weeks. Please, no chips or cookies. Thanks!

Students are welcome to bring their own water bottles. They should bring them home on Fridays for a good cleaning.

Important Events

  • Friday, October 7th- Green Valley Fall Festival from 5:00-8:00
  • Parent Conferences will be offered beginning the week of October 17th through October 28th. Keep an eye out for an email linked to a sign up sheet.
  • Vocabulary Day is Monday, October 31st. Dress up as a new-to-you word for our Vocabulary parade and celebration!