OLCA Newsbytes - August Edition

Upcoming items from the Oklahoma Learning Coach Academy

The WHY behind the OLCA

We believe that every student can succeed here at OVCA. Behind every successful student is an amazing Learning Coach. Thank you for becoming your child's Learning Coach, teacher, biggest supporter, super hero, cheerleader. You have decided to walk beside your child as they learn and grow, become independent and successful students through online school. How does that make you feel? Excited? Intrigued? Hopeful? The OLCA is designed to strengthen our community, one Learning Coach at a time.

Upcoming Items:

New Learning Coach Boot Camp - Self Paced Course!

The week before school began on August 10th, we hosted 4 days of our LIVE New LC Boot Camp. However, many of you were not able to attend LIVE, or have just now had your enrollment approved. We will be releasing next week our New Learning Coach Boot Camp - Self Paced Course in a fun interactive format. Be on the lookout for your personal invitation. The intention of this course is to get you familiar with your role and answer some initial questions and concerns you may have.

OLCA 1st Workshop of SY 21-22

Periodically we will host workshops on a variety of topics. Our first workshop will be in September. Our topic will be "Finding your STRIDE as a LC!" This will be workshop hosted by LCs for our LCs! Stay tuned for date and time coming soon.

Get EXCITED!! OVCA Student Daily Planners are COMING!

To assist you in planning for success this year, OVCA is designing and printing FREE physical daily planners for all students. The goal is to have these for our students by the end of September, so stay tuned!

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