Mal Peet


This book was somewhat interesting. It was a loose retelling of Shakespeare's play, Othello. There were times where the book got confusing because it kept switching from character to character. It focused alot on racism and relationships.

Favorite Passage



By Paul Faustino

The gossip mills and rumor factories can shut down. I can now reveal that Otello, the man that led this country to a victory in this year’s Copa America, will be a Rialto player within the week. The terms of the transfer were agreed between Rialto and Espirito Santo yesterday after Spain’s Real Madrid withdrew from the contest for the striker. This deal is unlikely to be on a cash-only basis - Espirito has stolidly refused to lower its evaluation of Otello from fifty million – but details will not be disclosed prior to a formal announcement at a press conference scheduled for Thursday. My information is, however, that Rialto’s popular youndg forward, Luis Montano, will move to Espirito to offset the fee, thus adding to the controversy that will inevitably attend this affair. We can expect a bitter reaction, not only from Espirito fans but also from many in the North who will see Otello’s move south to the capital as an act of betrayal.

Character Poem


Victim, Tough, Trusting


Playing, Caring, Lying

Both On And Off The Field

Otello is a good man who does what he thinks is right for himself