By Vishnu Shiyamsaran

How Do Earthquakes Happen?

The Earth has huge pieces around it called tectonic plates. A tectonic plate is a plate that is made out of big chunks of rock. An earthquake happens when 2 of these plates touch. You can't feel the movement of the plates at first. Then you can feel the plates shift. When they shift, it releases a huge amount of energy. The energy travels through the ground making big waves. The waves make the land crack causing an earthquake.

Where Do Earthquakes Happen?

Earthquakes happen in specific places. Earthquakes happen on a fault line. They happen on fault lines because that is where plates are. That is where an earthquake happens. They also happen in California because California has some fault lines too. They could also happen in Alaska too. Alaska has a fault line.

What Changes Do They Cause?

An earthquake can cause a change. Some of these changes are cracks in the ground. These cracks can hurt people because people might not see where they are walking. Also, an earthquake can break people's houses. Then It can take a very long time to rebuild all those homes that got wrecked. Earthquakes can cause a lot of damage. It could kill a lot of people.

What Is The Richter scale?

What is the Richter scale? Well, the Richter Scale is a scale that measures how strong and how big an earthquake is. So, if it measured 2.5 it wouldn't effect that place that much. But if it was 9.5, it would be a big earthquake like the earthquake that happened in San Francisco in 1906. A 9.5 earthquake could hurt a lot of people. They also say that there is an earthquake that is going to come in 30 years. That might go really high on the Richter Scale.

How To Reduce The Impact On Humans?

Earthquakes are really strong. And we need to find a way to reduce the impact. A way you can reduce the impact of an earthquake is by going to the engineer you could get advice from an engineer and the engineer can assure the structural stability of your site while an earthquake. Also, you can build a structure in a firm land so that it won't effect you and your house that much. When you are trying to get away from an earthquake you should pack a security backpack that should include some first aid materials to stay safe like some rubbing alcohol, antiseptic, betadine, a radio, lantern, batteries, markers, notebooks, gloves, and some other things that You can bring along during the earthquake. Earthquakes are deadly, but we can find a way to reduce the impact. And then less people will die.
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