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the Hillsboro Band

Ninety students strong and growing fast!

Our Hillsboro Dreamcatcher Band has experienced ?% growth since its inaugural year in 2011. With over 120 members anticipated for the 2013-14 school year, our needs grows too. We are hoping to raise another $25,000 to purchase another tuba, a bass clarinet, more french horns, baritone horns, and another oboe.

With over 1000 occupied homes in Westhaven so far, think about what we could accomplish if each household donated just $15 to become a member of the Hillsboro Band Booster Club! We could acquire nearly everything we need to outfit our band.

Westhaven has a history of rallying together to make dreams come true. With over $75,000 already raised to date, let's meet this challenge and make sure that our middle school band is here for generations to come!

Joint the Hillsboro Band Booster Club

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PJ Littleton, President Hillsboro Band Booster Club


Cameron Gish, Hillsboro Band Director