Fourth Grade News

Mrs. Spencer's Class - Week of 4/5


Fourth quarter is here, and with it brings MANY activities, projects, and fun events. We will be working hard this quarter to maximize our learning opportunities together prior to these awesome students becoming middle schoolers!

April is National Poetry Month, and we'll be celebrating poetry all month long. If you have a favorite poem, email it to me or send in a copy to school. We'd also love to welcome more guest readers this quarter. If you would like to come in and read poetry or a favorite book of yours or your child's during fourth quarter, please let me know.

A reminder: Our class tests on Thursday and Friday this week for Reading MCAs. Please send in your child's note of encouragement by Wednesday. Thank you!

Thanks for all you do to support your child's learning. Take care & enjoy your week!

Fourth Grade Sock Hop

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Important Spring Dates:

4th Grade Reading MCAs: THIS Thursday & Friday, 4/7 & 4/8 (some students may continue on Monday, 4/11).

4th Grade Math MCAs: April 20-26th

***I will notify families of our specific testing dates for Math once I know.

4th Grade Spring Program: Tuesday, May 3rd, 6:00-6:45

Science Museum Overnight: Thursday, May 12-Friday, May 13th (returning at ~11:30 am)

4th Grade Track & Field: Thursday, May 26

***Friday, May 27 and Tuesday, May 31 are make up dates for T&F.

Updates & Announcements:

MCA Note of Encouragement: If you have not yet done so, please write & send in a note of encouragement for MCAs for your child by Wednesday so it is ready for your child to read on Thursday. We will be testing Thursday and Friday mornings. MCAs are reflection of a year of effort and learning. Your words will help your child relax & feel ready to test!

Science Museum Field Trip Payment: The payment for our Science Museum overnight is due THIS Friday, April 8th. Checks should be made out to K-M Schools. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Classroom Wish List: MCA "pep up" treats for students - Ideas: mints/gum, Starbursts, Smarties, small snacks, freeze pops etc.; origami paper; spray paint for T&F shirts (email me for colors needed). Thank you so much for your help!

Observing Signs of Spring in the School Garden

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This Week's Objectives:

Language Arts:

  • We are reading fiction and nonfiction passages and practicing PRUNES (Preview, Read x2, Underline, Notice key words, Eliminate choices, Survey/check answers).
  • We are discussing various literary devices (personification, hyperbole, alliteration, similes, metaphors, etc.)
  • We are celebrating National Poetry Month by reading, discussing, and writing poetry!
  • We are building reading stamina and practicing CAFE (Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, Expanding Vocabulary) strategies for reading.


  • We are calculating area and perimeter of rectangles, triangles, and irregular figures.
  • We are identifying, describing, and sketching reflections, rotations, and translations.
  • We are converting fractions to decimals and percents.
  • We are solving story problems involving multi-step operations.
  • We are building our speed and accuracy with basic multiplication and division facts. Please help your child remember to practice facts at home each night for both multiplication and division! It is essential that students know basic facts with speed and accuracy. Thank you!

Science & Social Studies:

  • We are continuing our geology unit and discussing fossils.
  • Students are continuing their study of states and capitals.

Departing for ZED Science Fair

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Links for Learning:

IXL: -- Math & Language Arts available!

Read Theory:



Hour of Code (Learn coding!):

All Math Study Links:

We have a full Language Arts trial on IXL until the end of the school year! Check it out!

Wishing you a terrific week!

Please contact me with any questions or comments.

All the best,

Mrs. Spencer