The Belleau wood

By jenna scali

About the Belleau wood

  • The Belleau war was in 1918 from June 1-26
  • Near the Marine River in France about an hour away from pairs.
  • Between us and Germany
  • Us won but 1811 died on the Allied power and over 1600 captured and killed on the central power.
  • Was in the middle of a Forest so they couldn't use big tanks, they used machine guns and bayonets and knives .

Things to do

  • First thing to do is you could see the 42 acre cemetery of all the people that died.
  • Then You can walk around and see the scars from the battle that are still there.
  • Also you could see The Chateau Thievery War Monument.
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Places to Stay and eat around Bellaue Wood

  • Spectacle d’ Aigles
  • oxygene
  • Musee Jean de la fontaine
  • Le silo U1
  • Les Fabliaux Hotel 0.3 miles
  • Le saint Jean (restaurant) .2 miles
  • Wok and grill (restaurant) .2 mile