Carron "Dis"Connection

by Jen and Tara

Can you relate...

It's been an exciting week but it's time to come back to work Mr. Carron!

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Congratulations Jeff

While we are excited for you and your beautiful family, we are excited to have you back....

Happy Friday!

While we know how busy this week as been for everyone, we are excited for a day of learning with all of you tomorrow!
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Teachers Learn to Set Goals with Students

As we work on our own SLO writing tomorrow, be inspired by a Wisconsin elementary school (just a few miles away) that decided to have students set SMART Goals for their learning!

The Flywheel Effect

Read about another high-performing school's improvement journey. It began with a shared mission and values, establishing goals, teamwork, a culture of action/inquiry, focused risk-taking, data review and finally CELEBRATING successes!

SST Meetings

During our work together during our inservice day, there will be time provided for grade levels to work together to analyze student data and prepare for the first round of SST meetings. Work time will be provided during the afternoon so teams can work together on the agenda for the meeting. As we enhance the structure of these meetings we feel it is critical to have the agenda and student placement complete so conversations can be focused on developing strategies, interventions and plans for the students we discuss.
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Upcoming Dates

October 17th - Booster Club Meeting

October 18th - SST Meetings - Plat + (WEAR BLUE)

October 19th - SST Meetings - RES

October 20th - Progress Reports Go Home

October 21st - Jack O Lantern Jog

October 24th - Annual School Board Meeting

October 25th - Board Walk

October 27th - Wellness Team Welcomes you to: Jazzercise at Plat