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Tax Preparation: Nothing to Panic About

Let us know the basics

Tax preparation is the process of filing applicable and often income tax return. It is a practice that is revised each year because it is mandatory according to the tax laws. An individual, salaried or small business owner can file his return without an involvement of a professional tax preparer. However, individuals with multiple sources of income and business owners prefer hiring a tax attorney to get this job done. IRS, at the end of each fiscal year, announces certain deadlines. It is mandatory, for everyone to file his or her return by the due date.

Tax preparation Options

When it comes to preparation and filing of return, there are multiple options to go with. An individual is set free to choose one, as IRS does not likes or dislikes any particular option. Let us discuss the three options observed to be used, frequently

1. Doing it yourself

This method is quite common among the salaried and self-employed individuals. Whole of the process from tax preparation finally submitting it to IRS through one of the possible methods is processed by an individual himself, or with the assistance of a friend. This is the simplest option that does not involve any expenses. In case if your case is a straightforward one then you can fulfill this very important obligation yourself because,

  • A lot of help is available on the internet.

  • One of your family members or friends can assist you

  • IRS, e-filing system contains all the necessary information.

2. Tax Software

The tax-related software is also frequently used in the process of tax preparation. In fact, there are many such programs available like,

  • Taxslayer

  • TaxSimple

  • TurboTax® Etc.

It is a useful option for those who already have a good understanding of tax system. However, if you do not have the required level of expertise than investing in such a program can be risky. Remember that, the IRS Free File program is designed to give you an opportunity of using these programs free of charge, if your annual income is less than $60K. However, those who have an income more than the set criteria are not eligible to have a free access.

3. Tax Preparation by Professional

This method, according to some sources is the most popular one among tax return filers. There are various reasons, which make this option a preferable one. There are several options recognized by the IRS like,

  • An attorney

  • Enrolled Agent

  • Certified Public Accountant

  • A professional with a valid PTIN number

In fact, the IRS has provided the taxpayers with detailed information and instructions for using this option. Hiring one of the approved professional will provide you with an opportunity to assign your tax expert as your representative with unlimited rights and in some cases with limited rights only. Though it may cost you some money, as whole it is the best method available in terms of tax claims and refunds. There are several advantages that come with hiring of a legitimate professional like,

  • They come with advanced knowledge of tax rules and laws

  • You can gain more benefits in terms of returns

  • They can represent you before IRC in case of a requirement

  • Their knowledge can be utilized to save your tax debt

  • Their involvement will make the entire process hustle free

Thing's to know

  • Before entering into a deal with a tax professional always be aware of frauds and remember to check these points,

  • If the professional have a valid PTIN number? It is a number that IRS allocates to tax preparers after checking their eligibility

  • Looking into their history and performance is always a better thing

  • Check, whether they have the required qualifications and training

  • Consider one, who will have unlimited representation rights before IRS in case of an issue


You should go for a trustworthy professional for tax preparation, as this process will involve sharing of your confidential kind of information.

Tax Preparation