Writer In Progress

Well, I like to write. And, I like to think what I write is intriguing. Maybe it's not, but if there is even a sliver of hope that it is, that one person will feel inspired, or heartbroken, or is laughing out loud, well that makes all of this worth it. I don't know how far my writing is going to take me, but my goal is to keep doing what I love, expressing my deepest thoughts in a way others can learn from or relate to. Writing is such a beautiful thing that I tend to enjoy for a long time.
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"Beauty" Snippet

"Self-hate, loneliness, and anger was clouding any judgment I had. I was tired of wanting to shatter the reflection staring back at me. So I changed my perspective. I started working out and I changed my look for me. Not anyone else. And I feel better than ever, confident and proud of the way I look."

"Late Night Thoughts"

"I used to care

I used to hope

and though sometimes it stings

I don't anymore

I called you

and you ignored me

but thats okay

because I wouldn't have known what to say

I loved all of your flaws

but you didn't care

you pushed me away

and you let them destroy you

You were my home

The smell of old spice

The warmth of your skin

I'm homeless"

"A Broken-Heart's cry"

"Why’d you leave?

Because I screamed for you and I know you heard me

Because you looked at me

But it was as if I was an unrecognizable face in the crowd

And within a blink of an eye you were gone

Alone again

Where’d you go?

I can’t move from the spot where I last heard your voice

And time is ticking by so slowly

You are probably out with all of your friends

Laughing and living life as if I was nothing to you

Must be nice

Will it ever go away?

Right now it seems as if I’ve lost a part of me

I feel empty inside

I know you don’t know what I’m talking about

You look like you’re doing fine

I miss you"

"Dear Past Self"

"You’re a bright girl with a fiery, burning passion for helping people that no one will ever be able to take away from you. You’re going to get so far in life, and those people that hurt you will be a foggy memory in the past. Focus on school, be there every day with an enthusiastic attitude and be eager to learn. That’s what’s going to matter in ten years from now. Study three days in advance when you have a big test, one hour every night. Do your homework before even thinking about taking a nap, and put your phone on airplane mode while you are doing so. If you’re in class and you feel like crying, go to the bathroom and call your dad. He’ll do his best to make you smile. Look at school in a positive light, it’s too important not to.

Your parents love you. I know sometimes you might not think they do, but you are a creation of a love they once felt. You are not a mistake. You bring laughs and smiles to everyone around. You are caring, honest, and loyal. They need you, Victoria. Don’t leave them.

You are special, you really are. You might feel lost or exhausted right now, but please remember that things DO get better. So smile, laugh until you cry, and enjoy the little things. You are only this age once, don’t spend it alone in your room. Have fun with your teenage years and make high school a great experience, you deserve that. Stay true to yourself, always.

Best of luck,

The Future You"