Gender Equality in Legislation

Women need to be protected and created equal under the law

How To Sustain Gender Equality

  • More countries need to act on legislation of the Australia in the 2012 Workplace Gender Equality Act: eliminate discrimination, equal pay and benefits, remove barriers of participation
  • Every country needs to grant Women's suffrage
  • There needs to be legislation to prevent and punish gender-based and domestic violence
  • Inheritance laws that exclude women (ex: Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern Countries) need to be embargoed.
  • Women in all countries must have an equal opportunity to get an education and be in the workforce.

Get Out There And Make A Change

Vote, protest, speak up! Without support from men and women alike, of all nationalities and social class, gender equality will never be reached. There are a lot of great minds out their that aren't given a voice or an opportunity due to their gender, let's go change that!