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Friends or couple?

Sam and Vienna were really good friends. Witnesses see them together all the time but don't think much about it. Last week, TMZ was watching them and discovered that they had kissed. Are Sam and Vienna together as a couple or was it just a "friend" kiss? Tell me what you think at
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"Brain Jack" the #1 movie in the world!

A seventeen year old named Sam decided to hack Americas International Internet System just to receive the latest technology, The Neuro Headset. After getting the headset, him and his best friend, Fargus, the world took of into this raging blur. Suddenly, Sam meets Dodge and Vienna fight against time and the worlds strongest military system. After losing many people and almost his own life, Sam pulls through. See the story unfold in "Brain Jack" starring, Chase Crawford, Nina Dobrev, and Liam Hemsworth. In theaters now!

"It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity."

- Albert Einstein