DLI Planning Grant Tuning Protocol

Granville County Public Schools

Where We Have Been

GCPS recognized that a majority of teachers had access to technologies and professional learning in technology integration, but were not demonstrating higher levels within the SAMR model.

Implemented 1-1 and interactive classrooms in 2009. After several years of 1-1 computing environments, observation data (NCEES and local walk-through observation tools) indicated that many teachers plateaued at the substitution and augmentation levels.

We had pockets of classrooms that are consistently personalized, student-centered, and fully engaged; however, we realized with the resources on hand, we could improve the quality of digital age transformation.

We lacked widespread evidence of digital learning transformation at the level of quality expected in GCPS to fully meet the vision of digital-age teaching and learning throughout the district.

Foundational Beliefs

  • We have a responsibility to prepare students for college and work in a world where digital literacies are needed to compete and be successful.

  • Student engagement, the transformation of school culture, personalization of learning, equity, and access to world-class education were important motivators, which led GCPS to provide laptops/resources and training.

  • GCPS educators understand the purpose of technology in education and can communicate the why and the benefits.

  • GCPS educators and administrators understand how to leverage technology to personalize learning, increase engagement, and provide an elite education.
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Where We Are Now

Through work with the Friday Institute, we refreshed our vision for digital teaching and learning and have been working with our new Superintendent to share this vision.

Additionally, to achieve broad quality digital-age teaching and learning, we used the grant to allow for 10 percent of educators to participate in Granville Digital STARS Academy. The Academy is a micro-credentialing pathway strategically designed to deepen teachers and administrators skills in implementing personalized learning by achieving Google Certifications, a Digital learning Immersion experience and the completion of peer-revied video artifact that aligns to the NC DLCs.

Now, we have a cohort of principals and teachers, in every school, that has deep knowledge and experience in digital-age learning. Participants are identified by the badges displayed.

Where We Want To Be

We want every school and program to be personalized, engaging and exemplifying the shared vision of teaching and learning. Every school will be a Gold STAR School where personalized learning is empowering students and teachers to make learning more effective.

The school’s administrators, teachers, parents, students, and other community stakeholders will work together on a variety of efforts that are focused on the same vision: to personalize the learning experience to meet the individual needs and potential of each student.

We want to see GCPS continue this opportunity to reach 100% of educators and support staff in years to come. The culture of learning in the district will be one of individual need, choice, voice, and empowerment.

What's Next

After a successful first year of the GCPS Digital STARS Academy, we'd like to continue this same work with another cohort of 60 teachers, teacher assistants, and administrators. A 2018-19 Planning Grant would fund and sustain year two of this Academy and it would look similar to this year's grant implementation plan.

Furthermore, we'd like to deepen the learning of our current cohort of STARS by offering site visits to schools outside of our district, personalized PD and coaching, the transformation of classrooms through the purchases of innovative technology, and the eventual creation of Gold STAR classrooms to be showcased across our district and beyond. This work would be possible as a result of an Implementation Grant for 2018-19 and 2019-20.

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