Farden Wahed

All about me

who i am

I am a tall afghan male citizen in Canada. i like to play soccer and eat food.i like to wear the colors black and white. i just moved to Brampton. I like to play soccer with my friends. i am currently trying to get on the honor roll. my favorite subject is math. I am fun and i like to be a leader of a group.

My Favorite things

My three favorite things are hanging out with my friends, my favorite food is pizza, and i like to watch and play soccer.

life line

Louise aroubr s.s.

i just came to this school so i hope i have some thing to remamber

Do not hit your friend

you should not hit your friend because it might hurt yhem and they might not like it

do not steal from your friend

do not steal your friends friend or his belongings because your friend will not like it

be nice

be nice to your friend and he will be nice to you

be yourself

do not act as if you are someone that you you are not just be yourself

find what you have in common

if you want a friend just find out what you two have in common then talk about that

my older brother

my older brother is one person that has affected me because he is always there. when i need help i always ask him. when i play soccer he tells me ways to me play better. you always makes me try my hardest and that is why he is one important person in my life

mechanical engineer

when i grow up i want to be a mechanical engineer. i like to learn how cars work and i find that kind of stuff really interesting. i have always wanted to become an engineer. since i was a little kid.