dependence on others

You do not know how much you need someone until they are not there for you.

Code Talker

The book Code Talker is about the Navajo Indians and how the United States used their sacred language to send messages back and forth through out WWII. The United States military depended on them and their "morse-code like language" because it was so hard to decipher, allowing them to send important messages without the enemy knowing what was said. If it weren't for the Navajo Indians, messages would have been harder to relay and the war would have lasted longer.


The book Gone takes place in a small town called Perdido Beach, California. One day while the kids are sitting in class, the teacher randomly disappears in a flash. Soon after the kids learn that all teachers have disappeared from the school, leaving the kids alone. The kids start to adventure around realizing all their parents have disappeared as well; they also realized the older kids that could take care of them are also gone, without a trace, no proof of existence. In fact everyone over the age of fifteen has disappeared leaving all the kids fourteen and under to survive and take care of the others on their own. The kids now have to figure out life and figure out how to survive without the help of elders. The kids soon realize how hard life is when the people that are there for you everyday, aren't there for you anymore.