O2 Sets Bar for Designer Service!!!

Important Updates!

Important Wednesday Updates in Backoffice!

Hello lovely designers!!!! If you haven't noticed, Origami Owl has made an overhaul of their designer experience! I am loving our Wednesday updates in the backoffice as well as many smaller updates throughout the week! This weeks in particular is super important for everyone to see as it discusses our active status (inactive designers will be leaving us shortly) and how we get paid! Here is a copy of the update for you! If you have let your O2 business slide over the summer you will love our new fall catalog and amazing products. Plus a complete upgrade of our backoffice website is on its way - not just ordering, but the whole process. Be sure to watch our Monday night webinars which are posted in the resources tab every Monday for more O2 news and our new Thursday night training webinars! O2 has us covered! If you have any questions, please be sure to reach out to your upline mentor :)

Weekly Update - for Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Happy Wednesday, Designers! As always, we’re keeping you in the loop about everything O2! So, take 5 minutes to yourself and catch up on everything you need to know!

{Monday Webinar Recap}

In case you missed Monday’s Webinar, we’re providing you with the CliffsNotes version because it was THAT important. You’re welcome.

  • Take Out Menu: And we finally have a release date! Our new Take Out Menu will be available beginning Oct. 1. That means all new items (except one) will be in stock and ready to order, too! But guess what else? We’re giving Designers exclusive access! For the first week, only Designers will be able to sell new products as they won’t be available on our retail site. Woohoo!
  • Bracelets: Our new bracelets are destined to be a jewelry box must-have when they debut in November. No, that’s not a typo. While our new items are coming out in October, the bracelet won’t be available to purchase until November. However, it will still appear in the Take Out Menu. So, why the delay? We’re working to make sure the bracelet lives up to our super high standards. We wouldn’t provide anything but the best to you and your customers. Use this opportunity to get customers excited and to pre-book Jewelry Bars in November, December and beyond (just don’t let your September and October Jewelry Bars lag… Did somebody say “Cabo”?)
  • New Back Office: It’s almost here! Having an awesome Back Office is important, and we can’t wait to wow you with our new business system. What makes it so great? You can easily share updates like Jewelry Bar photos and your own personal blog to your downline. Plus, Jewelry Bar orders will be saved automatically so you can always come back to them and addresses will be validated. But, there’s a slew of other major improvements like reporting options and a Hostess Rewards calculator. So, be sure to keep your current Back Office updated and keep watching out for the 411 on the new system.

{A New Way to be Paid!}

Ready for hassle-free commission payments? It’s about to come your way, as Origami Owl partners with PayQuicker LLC to provide you with a new, no-fee, direct deposit payment service. Once you enroll with PayQuicker (a welcome email is coming your way soon), you’ll receive a super cute Origami Owl branded debit card (we just love that little guy). Each week and month, your commission will be deposited directly into your PayQuicker account.

Then, simply choose how you want to access your commission.

  1. Make purchases with your Origami Owl Visa Debit Card.
  2. Obtain cash from any major ATM using your Origami Owl Visa Debit Card.
  3. Transfer funds to or from our own bank account and share funds between accounts.
  4. Send money to other people using PayQuicker’s Instant Payment Service at no cost.

There’s lots more to come about this new service (which will launch the same time as our new business system), so stay tuned to the Back Office for more updates, including what you’ll have to do to enroll. And yes, this is how we’ll be paying everyone – no more checks in the mail, or deposits into your own bank.

{September Hostess Excusive}

The Hostess Exclusive for September will be the same as August so please refer to the flyer in the Back Office and keep an eye out for an updated September flyer. Starting in October, we’ll offer a quarterly Hostess Exclusive that will truly be exclusive just to Hostesses. Stay tuned for details!

{First-Ever Owlette Call}

We’ll have our first-ever Owlette coaching webinar today! The Nest leaders Darleen Santore and Yvette Dickson, as well as Bella, will lead the webinar with our awesome Owlettte ambassadors. These young women are leaders in their schools and communities and are living out our mission to be a force for good. Today's webinar will focus on creating consistent habits, but they’ll be a new topic every month. We can’t wait to see these young leaders soar!

{Stay Active, Designers}

At Origami Owl, we realize our Designers strive to comply with all of our guidelines. Most discrepancies are unintentional and simply the result of not reading or understanding the Policies and Procedures carefully. The Company’s Compliance Department is committed to helping you correct any oversights and in the process educate you on the Origami Owl policies and procedures.

Lately, we have been noticing that some of our Designers have not placed a product order or generated PV of $199 in the last consecutive six (6) month period. Per our Policies and Procedures…..

"If an Independent† Designer fails to personally generate at least $199 in Personal Volume ("PV") in whole or in part during a consecutive six (6) month period, his or her Designer Enrollment Agreement may be canceled for inactivity and that Independent† Designer will no longer be considered an Eligible Designer.………."

Based on the above, and in the event that you are a Designer that has not placed an order or generated $199 in PV in the last 6 months, we ask that you do so by Friday August 30, 2013, in order to avoid having your Designer status cancelled.

Now that we are a little more educated about what it takes to remain an active Designer and our Policies and Procedures, let’s go out there and place those product orders. Mentors, please reach out to your inactive team members to make sure they don’t miss out on making their O2 business a success!

{Missing Items}

As previously announced, we want to take care of all missing items requests in a timely manner to get you the products you need. That’s why Missing Items Forms must be submitted no later than 7 days after you or a customer has received an order from O2. We will no longer be processing forms that come in after that time frame. For a refresher for how to submit a Missing Items Form, click here.

{DIW Wave}

By now it’s no surprise we’ve been letting in more DIWs. But on Monday, we invited 3,500 DIWs, for the second week in a row. Hooray! Please show your new team members some O2 love.

And now, a few reminders to keep you on your toes.

{In case you missed them!}

We posted two new videos this week – just for you! Our very first Thursday Training Webinar (password: oocall) features Director Karla Savage and she shares how to work with your Hostess to have a super successful Jewelry Bar®. The second is a short home video (password: oonewdesigners) welcoming all the new Designers to our family! We are so overwhelmed with love for our Designers that CEO Robin Crossman, VP of Field Sales Ann Raulston and VP of Sales Strategies and Incentives Pam Mercado wanted to personally welcome you to O2.

{Oops, our bad!}

In Monday’s webinar (two nights ago), we mistakenly say that Jewelry Bar® orders will be closed within three weeks of the first order. No, that’s not what we meant! Here’s the real deal: as we’ve said, Jewelry Bar orders will be closed three weeks after the event is held. Sorry for the confusion - this is definitely the rule to follow.


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