Benjamin Roylance Per. 2

What Is Courage?

A lot of people may wonder but most already know. Is it apple flavored ice-cream? No! It's not, courage is not being afraid and willing to do it no matter how bad or embarrassing. In the novel 'Freak the Mighty', Courage is one key element to make up the story. Freak is one kid who has a disease which give the story a better conflict and gives it a purpose. Life may appear difficult, but that's life. As Loretta said in the book 'freak the mighty', She said "Nothing is a drag kid, think about it". If you really do thing about it, life is so fun! Even if you are just sitting there on the couch doing NOTHING. Courage isn't just something kind to others or for survival, but it is the way we live!


  • Do you think the author developed the theme well? The authors writing was written well. Freak's acts really show a lot of courage and it's obvious to tell.
  • Do you agree with the theme? The theme was "Be courageous, never give up!" If that doesn't make sense, then you should rethink it.
  • How is this theme relevant to your generation right now? this theme is relevant to today's generation because, there are a lot of bullies these days and if we're not courageous, there is nothing to defend our self with.