US Government Funding for NASA

Counter Arguments Stressing NASA's Economic Detriments

Counter Argument: The Financial Cost of Funding NASA is Too Large

  • $200 billion on space shuttle program since 1970s.
  • NASA is currently funded at nearly $20 billion per year.
  • This takes away from government and financial focus on other economic issues.


Government funding for NASA is a substantial amount. However:

  • NASA's funding is only 1/200 of the total US government's budget.
  • NASA profits more than it costs to fund it.

  • The government gave funds of $25 billion to NASA in 1958.
  • This, however, resulted in a national profit of nearly $200 billion by the late 1980s.
  • In 1975, the economy gained $150 billion through an increase in manufacturing.
  • In the 1960s, NASA saved the economy $20 billion though its weather monitoring technology.
  • Many other government programs have government funding that is nearly 50 times larger than that of NASA.

Counter Argument: The Earth's More Pressing Issues Deserve More Attention and Government Funding Than NASA's Operations

It is important to focus on "the one planet [we have]."