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Classical Conversations of Southeast Missouri

Each month I'll be sharing updates about our communities, prayer requests, local events, and articles or videos to support you in your homeschooling journey. If you have any information about events, suggestions for articles our families would appreciate, or prayer requests please email or call/text 573-880-5520.

What is Classical Conversations?

Classical Conversations Christian Homeschool Program Explained

Registration Is Now Open!

Registration for 2016-2017 is now open to new families. All families that register by June 1st will be put in a one time drawing for a free Foundations Guide. Please submit the below registration form along with registration fees to reserve your spot. Contact Randi Kiefer for more information regarding where to pay the registration fee.

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A Call To Leadership

It is so excited to see how the Lord is growing CC (Classical Conversations) and bringing it to the SEMO area! At this moment we have three potential campuses starting in the fall: Perryville, Cape Girardeau, and Farmington. Classical Conversations began with Leigh answering the call to begin the program and by other women stepping up to lead in what they felt was best for their children. CC still depends on moms and dads who are willing to not only seek the best for their families, but who also step up in faith to lead. We are in need of many paid positions in our upcoming communities. Below is a short description of each position. Please help us cover our current and future leaders in prayer and ask the Lord the rise up parents to lead.

Director: A director is the one who takes the vision and puts it into practice. Directors receive 18-27 hours of in person training and an almost unlimited number of hours of online training ranging from the business side of CC to in-depth science, fine arts and other education. Directors work to meet the needs of their communities by preparing family handbooks, class assignments, training tutors, encouraging fellowship, coordinating the facility and so much more. While it is a demanding position, it has great rewards as you are able to minister to your community and see families not only grow in their homeschool confidence.

Tutor: Tutors are the front line ministers to families. They live out the vision and help families to succeed at home. Tutors receive over 17 hours of in-person training and spend time each week seeking the best way to present the material so that moms can be encouraged. Tutors get to know each child and family well, pray for them and minister to them both within and without the classroom. The greatest blessing of being a tutor is the relationships that are formed and that endure well beyond the year spent together.

Do you feel a nudge and want to know more about a position? Do you want to help, but can't commit to one of the above roles? Please contact your Support Representative, Randi Kiefer, at 573-880-5520 or and we will discuss the many areas that you can possibly serve in.

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Parent Practicum for 2016

Navigating History: The Art of Argumentation is our practicum theme for 2016!!

Prepare to be encouraged and equipped. Our morning speaker will show you practical tools for bringing breadth and depth to your family’s learning. Discover how the classical model takes education beyond a textbook for relational and transformational learning.

Afternoon facilitators will teach you how to instill a love of history, and using textbooks a tool, not a taskmaster. Get equipped for your journey as teacher, mentor, and guide. You’ll find inspiration, vision, encouragement, and the resources you’ll need.

Whether they are being cared for in our nursery, playing and chanting in our play camp, memorizing and drawing God’s world in our Geo Draw camp, or engaging new concepts in one of our older academic camps, your students are sure to enjoy the group learning environment.

Are you a CC Director or Tutor? We will be offering the following training in the afternoon: Foundations, Essentials, CH A, CH B, CH I, and CH II. For more information about this free event and locations, check out the website at

Information Meeting at Cape Panera

Saturday, April 16th, 3pm

3219 William Street

Cape Girardeau, MO

Information Meeting at Villainous Grounds

Thursday, April 28th, 5:30pm

26 North Jackson Street

Perryville, MO

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Randi Kiefer

Support Representative for Southeast Missouri