October 2018

2019-2020 Transitional Transfers

The 2019-2020 Transitional Transfer (TT) Requests will be open for parents on Thursday November 1, 2018 at 7:30 a.m. and will close on Friday November 30, 2018 at 4:30 p.m. A TT request allows students in 5th grade going to 6th grade, and 8th grade going to 9th grade to select a middle or high school of their choice. It is a first come first serve basis on a time/date stamp. These type of transfers allow the students a non-revocable transfer status.

  • Parents of 5th and 8th grade students should be aware that the Transitional Transfer requests are looked at prior to Immediate Transfer Requests for the upcoming year. If a parent is interested in their child attending another middle or high school, the Transitional Transfer Request is the best method to use.

  • Parents need to understand if they put in more than one request and receive two approvals for the request, they must make a decision about which school their child will attend no later than 4:30 p.m. on Friday December 14, 2018.

  • Make announcements early and often prior to November 1, 2018. Make every effort to let parents know about this transfer opportunity in a variety of ways. In the past, parents have stated their children did not pass along information.

  • Use Connect 5 calls, principal newsletters, DOJO communications, billboards outside, school websites, teacher communications, any social media. The District Communications office will be announcing using social media and post messages on the District website.

Sample Announcements

· The 2019-20 Transitional Transfer Requests offers students in 5th and 8th grade an opportunity to attend a middle or high school OTHER than their home school of residence. Transfer forms are electronic and available on the SPS website under the Parents headings>Resources> Transfer Request>Transitional Transfer Requests. These forms official open on Thursday November 1, 2018 at 7:30 a.m. and close on Friday November 30, 2018 at 4:30 p.m. Transfers are approved first come-first serve, based on building capacity and are time date stamped.

· 5th Grade or 8th Grade Parents-Your child could attend a middle or high school OTHER than the school that serves your home address by completing a Transitional Transfer request. This form is electronic and available on the SPS Website under the Family heading listed as Transfer Request. Transitional Transfers are approved or denied based on building capacity and the order in which the transfers are received. These forms are open on Thursday November 1, at 7:30 and close at 4:30 p.m. on Friday November 30, 2018.

Approval Process

TT Request Site Principals should begin to approve Transitional Transfer Requests as soon as possible and follow the first come, first approve on the request list. TT requests will be dated and time stamped as received.


  • TT forms received after 4:30 p.m. Friday November 30, 2018 deadline must be declined. The parent will receive an email informing them of the status of their request.

· CAUTION: There is no such process as a wait list for TT requests. They should be approved during the appropriate time frame. (November 1, 2018 through November 30, 2018)

  • Friday November 30, 2018 at 4:30 p.m. – This is the LAST day TT Request Site Building Principals should approve or deny TT requests. A principal can begin approving TT Requests on Thursday November 1, 2018. Early approval for these requests can cut down on confusion later.
  • Friday December 14, 2018 by 4:30 p.m. - If parent receives more than one TT acceptance, should make selection of which school they desire for their child. The Administrative Services Office will call all parents with two or more requests by Monday December 17, 2018 to finalize their decision.
  • Friday December 21, 2018 by 4:30 p.m.- This the LAST day for a secretary for 5th or 8th grade students should code all accepted TT students accordingly in eSchool, and attach TT request form in the student eSchool paperclip. A secretary could start recording students in eSchool upon principal approval as early as day one.

*FYI and CAUTION, if a parent misses the deadline for a Transitional Transfer Request form, encourage them to complete an Immediate Transfer Request form for the future school year. Be aware that parent’s child cannot be approved over other requests for that upcoming school year. The process for Immediate Transfers is based on a first come, first serve basis. Any deviation from this establishes the basis for allegations of discrimination.

The Khebrat Program: A collaboration between Missouri State University and SPS District

What is the Khebrat Program? Khebrat, short for Building Leadership for Change Through School Immersion, is an international teacher training program sponsored by the Saudi Arabian government. It designed to transform their educational system to be more modern and equitable. Part of the program includes immersing teachers in schools to conduct observations.

Why are the Khebrat teachers here? These teachers-leaders from Saudi Arabia have come to learn more about the American education system. They will be observing and learning about teaching and education at Springfield Public Schools so that they can bring change back to their home cities and schools. These individuals are not student teachers.

How many Khebrat teachers will be observing at SPS and where? There are 24 experienced classroom teachers from Saudi Arabia who will be immersed in six school buildings. Four participants are assigned to each location. Teachers will observe at Wilder and McGregor K-5, Hickory Hills and Carver 6-8, and Parkview and Central (9-12). The participants will spend approximately 15 hours a week between October and December in their respective school sites.

The visiting teachers will work with an appointed site mentor at each school to coordinate observations, interactions with classrooms, PTSA meetings, etc. Their final project for MSU will be a research project- plan on how they will bring about change in a specific area of education in Saudi Arabia.

Legal Matters

If someone in your school receives a subpoena to appear in court, whether it be a custody case, civil or criminal case, it can be very unsettling. All subpoenas should be copied and sent to Ann White, Manager of Administrative Services either by email to or faxed to 417 523-0195. The one exception is if the staff member has been called for JURY DUTY. Then the subpoena should be copied/scanned and sent to

As a friendly reminder, the flow chart below will assist you in how to code the absence.

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