Annual Report 2015-16

Clover Middle School Library Media Center

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At a Glance:

Print items in collection: 13,742
Number of e-books in collection: 130
Number of audiobooks (playaways): 80
Books per student: 18
Average Age of Collection: 2006

Highlights of 2015-16:

  • Implemented a makerspace in the library where students can design, build, and create. Students were exposed to many STEM-related activities and challenges.
  • Received a $1,000 CloverLEAF grant to purchase books by Kwame Alexander for classrooms, individual teachers, and the library.
  • Received a $200 DonorsChoose grant to purchase a set of Little Bits (electrical circuits) for the makerspace.
  • Hosted two successful Scholastic Book Fairs, which generated $1,541.27 in profits to be used in the media center.
  • Weeded over 2,000 books to make the collection more relevant and current.
  • Mentored Kaitlyn Hodges (intern).
  • Packed up the entire media center to be moved to the new school.
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  • Circulations dropped this year for the first time since 2013. Presumably, the reason is due to students reading more substantial books (fiction chapter books) to increase their word count, instead of reading nonfiction (“skinny”) books to pass a quick AR quiz.
  • The following chart illustrates this:
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E-Book Circulations:

  • When surveyed, students consistently say they prefer print books over e-books.
  • We currently have 130 e-books in our collection.
  • E-book usage declined throughout the year as evidenced by the following chart:
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Media Center Visits:

  • We served 760 classes this year.
  • 4-5 classes visit the media center each day, mostly for book checkouts and returns.
  • We operate on a partially flexible schedule, as ELA classes visit the media center bi-weekly on the same days. Other teachers sign up for research or the use of the media center as needed.
  • On an average day, 220 individual “walk-in” students visit the media center for printing, book checkouts/returns, reading, taking tests, project work, etc. Many students also enjoy the media center as a quiet place to rest and relax before school and during lunch.
  • Eagle Pride Time remains a popular time for students to use the media center. We normally have 30-35 students each morning to read, check out books, study, or take AR quizzes.
  • 10-15 students participated in the Makerspace before school and during each lunch. In other words, the Makerspace stayed full of students!

Natural Disasters Research - 6th Grade

Accelerated Reader

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We reached our goal of 600,000,000 words read this year!

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500K Word Count Celebrations

  • We celebrated those students who reached 500,000 words each quarter with either donuts or ice cream.
  • We had better student participation for ice cream at lunch vs. donuts before school, as shown in the chart below:
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  • Began in October and was open to students before school and during lunch.
  • Ten to 15 students participated each day during those times.
  • Students enjoyed LEGO's, coloring, crafts, play-doh, puzzles, and STEM-related challenges.
Makerspace Photos - First Semester

September to December Activities

Makerspace Photos - Second Semester

January to April Activities

"Why is the Library Important to You?"

Student responses to this survey question (during National Library Week):

  • "We need to be able to learn and grow with our Imagination." --KP
  • "It provides books for our whole school, and a quiet place for them to read them. It helps us learn and grow."--KS
  • "Books keep your mind fresh with new vocabulary."--NP
  • "It is a perfect place to read, learn and lots more. I like how it feels like home all the time and I can do crafts, read, and work in the same place."--KT
  • "It gives me a chance to relax and enjoy myself while I'm reading."--BM
  • "It's important because without them you can't read and if you don't read it's harder to learn plus reading is fun!!"--JM
  • "It gives me a chance to really feel and see another being's life and walk among them in the pages of a book, it is like a whole new world."--ET
  • "It is full of books that let me and my students travel and escape everyday life." --JK
  • "There is so much information to be found. Mrs. Boheler and Mrs. Millen are so helpful in suggesting and finding books and teaching tech tips."--SD
  • "It gives each and every student a chance to read, learn, and get a higher word count for AR."--MB
  • "It is a place where I can check out new books and do fun activities." --OE
  • "It is where I can do projects, read in a quiet area, or go to makerspace and feel comfortable doing any of these."--VW
  • "It allows me to learn more and I can explore in many different areas." --MH
  • "It gives us a chance to read our own choice of books from a large variety of choices, and learn from those books, and open up our imagination. Not all children get that chance, so we should appreciate our library. That's why it's important."--KA
  • "It inspires me to do things in that book that a special character is doing in the book."--EW

"Graffiti Wall" Bulletin Board

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Goals for 2016-17:

  • Create a relaxing, welcoming environment that is conducive to learning in our new school library

  • Continue adding materials and resources to our makerspace

  • Increase the number of books in our fiction collection
  • Update the nonfiction collection by purchasing more relevant, current, and high-interest books

  • Purchase digital audiobooks that students can listen to on their iPads

  • Continue promoting reading and increasing circulation
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CMS Library Media Center

We're here to help you--all day, every day!

Carmen Boheler, Media Specialist

Marie Millen, Media Assistant