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What Is Porifera?

Porifera is a phylum of aquatic invertebrate animals that comprises the sponge.


To be porifera you have to be

- asymmetrical

- filter feeder

- have no organs/few tissues

- have to have some holes on surface

- be multicellular

- no nervous system

- be sessile.

- no mouth or anus

- niether warm blooded or cold blooded. They don't have blood

Other Interesting Facts About Sponges

- Sponges are considered to be one of the most simple animals on earth.

- Sponges have the ability to regrow. The fact that it can regenerate makes it one tough animal.

- The chemicals produced by sponges is being researched to help cure cancer and other types of diseases.

- Sponges are animals

- They do not move.

Learn Biology - Sponges and Porifera