Productivity Workshop Series

Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Productivity Practices is a workshop series designed to assist school leaders in reallocating valuable minutes, so they can accomplish the rigorous demands of school leadership. Throughout this workshop series, school leaders will learn about effective time management practices as well as the tools that will help them organize and prioritize their physical and digital spaces. School leaders will also be introduced to the WiseCoach tool, and use it to plan for the upcoming school year. Upon completion of this series, school leaders will feel more prepared to conquer the challenges of educator effectiveness, next generation assessments, and overall school improvement.

June 25, July 6, 13, 20

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Three Credits Available for ($200 per credit)

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Melissa Emler

Melissa Emler will teach this workshop series. Melissa has been a life-long tech integrator, and she can help you employ digital tools to manage your productivity. She can help you get to inbox zero along with creating a workflow and plan that will maximize minutes available, so you can stay above water and prosper!