Good Vibes

Having a healthy style and enjoying life!

Teens things now on days....


Teens now on days will rather spend money on something useless like buying weed and getting drunk.

But they don't see how all this can effect you, the most noticeable thing is that it takes mostly all your money instead of saving it to buy a car or going to collage.

Also using drugs can effect your health like come on guys, that is totally not worth it shm -.-

If you want to go travel all around the world or do something that your truly passion about your going to want to remember every detail as possible and with drugs..well... you can't.... it causes lost of memorize and well you will hardly remember a thing..

So make good choices & think wisely. Everyone wants to live in a happy life(:

Brilliant Future

We all have a point that we grow up or some of us are already grown up... but anyways we all know that when we were little we dreamed about having a happy family. But that can't happen with having drugs in your life, it can destroy your relationship and giving bad examples for your kid.People say "Drugs can only hurt the person that is using it only" this is false, it can hurt their child also. Imagine if you keep on using drugs how will you look like whenever your kid is about to graduate or should i say Are you going to be able to be there and be apart of the most memorable moment of her life...

It's better to stay away from drug as far as you can, you can accomplish your goal and have a brilliant future with your amazing family.