Preschool Class Newsletter

October 17

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Learning through playing

It was very busy two weeks in our Preschool Class. We were discovering our body and what we can do with it. We involved different materials, games, projects and even a field trip to widen our perspective about our body.

Little learners had great pleasure participating all activities and would like to share it with you, some of them.

Our Activities

Discovering The Sense of Sight

Children went on searching for red, green, yellow and blue objects in the playground and taking pictures with a camera, later on they used computer and printer to print out the pictures and stick it on their observation sheet.

Getting Active

During Sports day and our sport sessions we discovered that we can use different body parts to perform different exercises.

The GREEN TEAM (that's us) was leading the race all through the game! Go Green Team, Go!!!

Water sensory play

Preschoolers went on and on pouring and spooning water from a bowl to a cup and didn't get board but learned how to control hand movement, self disciple and of course developing their fine motor skills.

Library Corner

Goldilocks and the three bears

We have started to read the story and discover the characters. We talked like bears and walked like bears. Children were proudly retelling the story to their peers and taking first steps to act it out.

Crafts And Art



It was OMAR EL TAWEEL'S birthday and we had a pleasure to share his birthday cake togehter