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December 4, 2015

Mrs. Price's Fourth Grade Class

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December 18 - Last day of school before winter break

December 21- January 3 - Winter Break

News You Can Use!

This week Miss Malinger came into class and taught the class how to use the collaboration rooms which are located in the library. These rooms will be wonderful addition. The students will be able to work on group projects.

Hour of Code


Our students will be participating in the Hour of Code during Computer Science Education Week, December 7-13. Last year, 15 million students tried computer science in one week. This year, we're joining students worldwide to reach 100 million students! For more information go to

Miss Finnan and Miss Malinger

News from the LRC

Conley Book Fair dates...

Monday, December 7, 9:30-2:30

Tuesday, December 8, 9:30-6pm

Wednesday, December 9, 9:30-2:30

Thursday, December 10, 9:30-2:30

Friday, December 11, 9:30-12pm

The Fair will be held in the Conley Library. Tuesday after school until 6pm we will have hot chocolate and candy canes as a special treat!

Thanks so much!

Girls on the Run

Would you be interested in helping to build the confidence of the young girls at Conley and have fun doing this? If so, you need to consider becoming a coach for Girls on the Run. Being a coach is easy, rewarding, and you don't have to run! Check out the website to learn more information about this great program!

Young Author's

District 158 Young Author’s

Does your child like to write? The Young Author’s program is a great opportunity for our Kindergarten through 8th grade students. The students who participate will have their books judged. One book will be chosen to represent each school in the state conference on Saturday, May 14, 2016 at Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois. Entries will be due to your child’s school by February 26th. Watch for more information to come in newsletters and on Haiku.

Literacy by Mia


Today in literacy we had Haden, Danny, and Alex did a big presentation. Everyday Mrs.Price meets with groups, in the groups we have colors. Today she is starting with the red group and going onto the yellow group. Also everyday Mrs.Price put sentences that need to be edited on the board. Then we get a word of the week, and on the back are lines. On those lines are where we put the sentences but when we are putting them down we are also fixing or editing the sentences. After about 2 and a half songs we go over them and we also circle the nouns. We do sentences every single day.


Today is we watched a video about main idea and detail. Then we read So you want to be President? Today we read it as a class. Today Mrs.Price met with green. Then we learned about the suffix -ly. Then she met with every other group.


Today we went into our weekly story So you want to be President? Then we answered questions for a bunch of different things throughout the book. Then Mrs.Malinger came in and told us about what we will be doing in the new rooms in the libraries. Then we went down to the rooms and did frontrow but we did not have a long time because there was a class coming after us.


Today we got new groups. Today she met with two of them. Then after that we talked a little bit about possessive nouns.


Today Mrs.Price met with the two groups that she did not meet with yet. Then we took our weekly test.

That is what we did in literacy this week.

Skill Building by Kyan

Monday : It was awesome! We started using these simile packets; and had to put certain

similes in the blank spaces to make a really really funny story.

Tuesday : Even more awesome!!! More really really funny simile stories on the packets; we got suckers we got to play games

with each-other!

Wednesday :

No Skillbuilding for me on Thursday.

Friday : Even more and more and more awesome!We were making acrostic poems with words that started with our letters here are 2 examples!








Mrs. Price's Math Class by Elijah

Our reporter was not here today so look back for his report.

Mrs. Hassels's Math Class by Camryn

On Monday we started doing measuring stuff and it was fun. I sat across from Crystal and she loved every second of it. Haha, sorry. On Tuesday I think we did our last lesson before our test on Friday. We did the same thing as we did on Monday. We also finished our work page from Monday. On Wednesday we did our study guide for the test on Friday. We were supposed to do a time test but we had a time crunch and couldn't. On Thursday the first thing we did was a time test. ( YEA) after that we went over the study guide. After that we did math Jeopardy. It was really fun. On Friday all we did was our test, XtraMath, and Front row. Sorry there are no pictures, I forgot.

Social Studies by Drake

Monday-Today we worked on the three branches of government on the chrome book to make a board builder, or on paper and writing about what the jobs of the different branches of the government. If you don't know the three different branches of government are the Legislative Branch, the Judicial Branch, and the Executive Branch. We were also doing guided reading during Social Studies

Tuesday-Today we did board builder for the branches of government and work on the three branches of government on the same paper. We also did guided reading again.

Wednesday-We didn't have Social Studies today.

Thursday-We did board builder, our papers, and the people that were working on just the whole branches got a paper and talked with Mrs.Price. The bill to law group in the Legislative Branch met with Mrs.Price too but we didn't get the papers. Instead of the papers we just had to talk about doing the process from a bill to a law and explain how in the board builder.

Friday-We did our board builder and our paper and the checklist.

I hope you like it

P.E. by Davis

On Monday it was running day .We got pedometers [which keep our steps] and run around the gym for 45 sec then you walk for 45 sec. we keep doing that until our time is up.

On Tuesday we did bowling . We had all 10 pins up and tried to bowl the rubber bowling balls to the other end of the room and knock all 10 pins.To make things easier we have a pin setter and a ball returner which by reading you probably know what they mean.

On Wednesday we did bowling bingo were we have a sheet with what we had to try to get. These are some examples: a 7-10 split,right gutter,left gutter,strike,Spare.

When we got one of those we would put a little chip that are in our lanes on the bingo board

On Thursday we played a game, we had to get 3 beach balls to the other side of the gym without touching it or having it hit the ground. That might sound impossible but we were able to use foam noodles. But the thing is there are 3 phases you need to complete, like phase one you need to get the ball to the other side without letting it touch the ground.Phase 2 and 3 are similar but the main thing you need to do is have everyone in your group help.

On Friday we played a game called silly fitness .There was a lot of hula hoops set out with an exercise we have to do . We broke up in groups among 3 classes and a person would roll a big dice and go that many hula hoops forward and do that exercise then the next person rolls the dice.You keep doing that until you get to your starting hula hoop and go to the middle of the room and get a wrist band. When we were done we went to our self space and stretch out.

Music and Art by Gracie

Monday-Today we had music.We are playing all sorts of instruments.We also learned a new song called"The Canoe Song".We practiced it using both instruments and our voices.

Wednesday-Today we had music.We played a game that we had to guess a song and sing it out loud with a certain word in it,and it had to be a real song.It was Girls VS Boys.We had a sub today.

Thursday-Today we had music.We played the Canoe Song on our recorders.Our normal teacher is back today.Her name is Mrs.Carl.

Friday-Today we had art.We made a fish.We had a sub today too.We could make real ones or fake ones.Next time we will make them have coler.

Box Tops

This year we are VERY thankful for Box Tops and Soup Labels! Please keep clipping! The proceeds are going to buy equipment for our PE classes.

We are offering a special incentive this semester: the class who clips the most from each grade level will receive an EXTRA PE class from Conley's favorite PE teachers! I wonder who will win????

How do you clip?


1. Clip your box tops logos off of participating General Mills products

2. EITHER put them in a baggie OR you can attach them to this collection sheet!

3. Send them to school with your child!


1. Clip the Bonus Box Top (anything that says it’s worth 2 or more box tops) or UPC code from participating Campbell’s products

2. Put them in a baggie

3. Send them to school with your child!