Library Improvement

How can you help your community library?

Books & Smiles

As a volunteer at your local library, you can help people find the book they are looking for. Maybe they like adventure or they want to solve a mystery, or maybe they want to read a love story. The library is full of every topic of book you could imagine. Volunteering at your local library allows you to help people find exactly what they're looking for, and put a smile on their face!

Libraries Need Love, Too!

Volunteers don't just reshelf books. They help in many different ways and teach visitors how to take care of the books and the library.

It feels good to volunteer at the library!

Morgan Hill Library

Come help little kids how to read books, or tell people what they are looking for. If you volunteer you could help kids find the books and other media that they can use to learn. You can be the first to check out the new books that come into the library.

This flyer was made by a 6th grade student at MVCS as a part of a "Make a Change" project.