Pulling the Plug on Social Media

Cyberbullying has changed the way we think of Social Media.

Social Media is just the Beginning

As the Internet grows, adolescents are being sucked into this dangerous vortex we call Media. Although we once used it for actual socializing, instead now it has been corrupted. Any media these days will contain something to make one cringe. So now our generation needs to do something to stop it.

Signs of Cyberbullying

Flaws of the Media

These days media has such a big effect on people of all ages, although mostly teens. They are becoming more vicious as time progresses, because being "cool" and "fitting in" is their main priority.A study online stated,"A 2010 study found that two-thirds of young people go online every day, whether on social networks or gaming sites, doing homework or for other reasons. Since young people spend so much time on the Internet, much of the mistreatment today happens there" (Cyberbullying). Although why is that? I do not recall anytime to where insulting another human has been acceptable. Making someone feel depressed or insecure is never okay because there will always be an after effect, whether it is having no confidence or not being able to trust. The outcome will be different every time. That is exactly why we as generation need to put a stop to it, or find a solution.

Skidding to a Stop

Encountering cyberbullying causes emotional stress. An efficient plan to escape the negativity could just be to walk away. Not having any source of social media can lessen the emotional appeal towards negativity. Distractions are in every corner when it comes to social media. Is worrying about someone’s comment more important than accepting yourself? Hateful words surface the web making people feel insecure about their body figure or personality. Forcing people to change behind the screen is nearly impossible, but they don’t need to change, you do. Pull the plug, walk away from people telling you what you are not. “Cell Phones and social media outlets -- is linked to risky health behaviors, including eating disorders, alcohol and drug abuse, depression, smoking and absenteeism from school."

In the End

Overall, there isn’t way that we can put an entire stop to the bullying online, but we can try. Social media is just quickening the downfall of our generation. Although we can not change people’s opinion, we can change the way we react. It is the first step towards the right direction.

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