Sociological Imagination

Drew Brinda

Most White People are Completely Oblivious

The main issue that was in the article was about was the idea of racism that has been in our world and still is in the world today. The different examples and the story that they tell just show how unfair African Americans are being treated around the United States today. Another issue in the article was that African American people do not feel like they always have the right to a fair trial. They feel that they are not fairly represented and judged fairly. The last issue brought up in the article was that African Americans feel that the justice system is not treating them equally.

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Sociological Imagination

The article tells me that whites are unaware of how blacks are being treated today in the world. The article shows me that the sociological imagination is not implemented in society today because people do not treat everyone as one group. When I experience police I usually would think of them as helpful, but African Americans have a much different viewpoint. The different ways the African Americans have been treated by police officers has made them think differently than me. Today in America, some white officers still have different reactions when they see an African American man instead of a white man. I think that today we need to continue to change the reflexes of people, and to get everyone to think of people as one group and family.


Empathetic people are people that can understand and share the feelings of others. While reading the story, the police officers were definitely not feeling any type of empathy for the African Americans. I think that as a country today we need to continue to improve in being more soft hearted and respectful to others no matter what race that they might be.