Ashlee's confrence

BY. Ashlee

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What we are doing in our subjets...

Math. We are working on unit 8. we are learning how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions. Also we are preparing for our test this Wednesday.

Writing. We summarizing Pilgrim books.

Science. We are studying how we can clean Up oil spills and what tools work best.

ELA. We are working in our Discovery packets. It is a project that is about the colonel times and in this project we are a colony coming from England to the new world.

My Favorite 5th grade feild trip so far is....

Detroit mountain because I got to try out a new sport that I never got to try till then.

I got to skip a whole day of school!!! I got to spend fun time with all of my friends and to go on the ski lift which was scary at first but after awhile I got used to it. Oh yeah and the buses were AMAZING.

whene i look over my work so far this year therse are the things that I'm doing well...

1. (Academic) I'm doing well with my fraction math because am under standing how fractions work a lot more then I usually do like how to multiply and divide and add and subtract things like that.

2. (Behavioral) I'm not talking as much which is helping me get A's on my math test and not getting distracted during math when the teacher is teaching the math lesson and am doing my work at my desk and that am not sitting by anyone that I would be tempted to talk to.


one other Friend.....

My one other friend is my best friend her name is Elle I couldn't get her picture so this is the best I could do to put her in my friend list!!!

When i look over my work so far this year these are the things that i would want to improve..

1. (Academic) I would like to improve on my positive and negative add and subtract and also multiplying and dividing.

2. (Behavior) Talking is the biggest thing that I did during this lesson because it was hard and I was tempted to talk and stay focused.

One ting I am going to accomplish before the end of the year is ....

I want to get straight A's this year because I have always wanted to get them so this year I am going to do.

I will accomplish this by staying focused all through the lessons and getting my home work and work done in school done and my home work handed in on time.