7 day meal plan

for me and apparently someone else

Breakfast Meals For 7 Days

Day One: Fruit Salad ( mix strawberry, blueberry, grape, honeydew melon and watermelon and refrigerate.)

Day Two: Scrambled eggs and toast and butter. ( whisk eggs and cook them in a medium heated pan scramble in pan. Put toast in toaster and butter to taste)

Day Three: Fried eggs and Bacon( heat small pan to medium and oil/butter to keep the eggs from sticking and let the egg cook on one side then flip to finish and cook bacon until crispy.)

Day Four:Bagel with cream cheese ( spread cream cheese on bagel)

Day Five: Oatmeal ( mix water and oatmeal and microwave for 4 minutes)

Day Six: Omelet w bell pepper( whisk egg and dice bell pepper pour egg in pan on med heat sprinkle in peppers to taste the flip to complete cooking.)

Day Seven:Fruit salad ( same as day one)

Lunch for 7 Days

1) Ham and cheese sandwich

2) Turkey Sandwich

3) BLT (cook bacon for 5 mins on each side approx. then when done plate on bread with mayo lettuce and tomato)

4) Ham and cheese sandwich

5)Salad ( chop vegetables such as carrot celery and purple cabbage then add to a bowl with ice burg lettuce and add salad dressing or vinaigrette of choice)

6)Parfait ( mix plain vanilla yogurt with strawberry blueberry and banana with granola)

7) Salad ( same as day 5)

Dinner For 7 Days

1)Spaghetti w Broccoli ( boil angel hair noodles until done chop ground meat in a large pan until brown then strain then add back into pan w Prego sauce boil broccoli)

2)Chicken Noodle Soup ( put 2 cups of chicken broth and 1/2 cup water to a large pot with chopped chicken celery and carrots and noodle of your choice and season to taste w salt and pepper)

3)left overs from day one

4)Grilled Cheese w Tomato Soup( put 2 slices of cheese inside 2 pieces of cheese and butter the outsides of it and then cook in a small pan on medium heat until toasted on both sides put tomato soup in a bowl and warm up in the microwave until desired heat)

5)left overs from day two

6)roasted turkey sandwich

7)Caesar Salad