The Native Amerricans

By Alexsander Pyshnyi

The Anasazi constucted dams, ditches, and canels.They used this to trap rain from tops of mesa and channel to gardens on canyon floor. The houses where made of stone and adobe.From Pueblo they build roads for the trading networks. The craftmaens made black and white woven baskets and tuquoise jewerly. The Adena were known as the Eastern Woodlands.They lived in Ohio  Valley around the 700 bc.They grew lots of stuff such as squash,sunflowerbarley and gourds. Hopeweel are known as the Eastern Woodlands to. They lived In Ohio in the 300 bc. They Built mounds about 40 feet down and 100 feet wide. They found extensive trde network. The mississipians arrived in mississippi valley 800ad. Had plants for food. Increased the population for more land.