Clean Energy will blow your mind

Cassie & Kali

What is wind energy?

Using wind turbines to capture natural wind in our atmosphere and convert it into electricity.

How it works:

The wind makes the blades on the turbine spin, and the rotation of the blades powers a generator to create electricity.

This link has an animation that shows how wind turbines work:

Materials needed and cost:

In order to build a wind turbine, you would need a rotor, a generator, blades, nacelle, a gear box, a tower, a hydraulic system, the yaw drive, steel, copper, fiber glass, woods, aluminum, a utility box, cables, and a drivetrain.

It would cost about $48,000 to $65,000 to install, and about $40,000 for equipment.


Need a routine service needs to be done once or twice a year, and the oil and filters need to be changed. The operational parts need to be inspected and the bolts have to be tightened
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1.Clean source-doesn’t pollute the air or use destructive chemicals

2.Renewable-not limited and is free

3.Cost effective-don’t have to invest any cash

4.Extra savings for landowners-get paid to use land for a wind turbine

5.Rapid growth and huge potential-the amount of wind energy is increasing

6.Can be built on existing farms-doesn’t occupy much space, so farmers can continue to work on land


1.Wind reliability-if it isn’t windy there is no power

2.Noise and visual pollution-they’re noisy

3.Expensive to set up-extremely costly and hard to maintain

4.Safety of people-severe storms can cause damage to blades which can be a safety hazard to people working nearby

5.Suitable to certain locations-need to be set up in an area with high winds

6.Effect on environment-takes up a lot of space (may cut down trees for space)