Cincinnati Gymnastics Trip

Ellie Scherwinski 2nd hour

Summer fun!

In July, my teammates, our parents, my coach, and I went on a trip to Cincinnati, Ohio. We went to train at a gym called Cincinnati Gymnastics. Cincinnati Gymnastics is a gym that has trained many Olympians and has Olympic coaches. How we got there is we took two separate cars and drove for 3 hours and stopped in Chicago to watch the Secret Classic Competition where the next Olympic hopefuls competed. Then we stayed at a hotel for the night. The next morning we drove for 6 hours to get to Cincinnati. While we were in Cincinnati we did gymnastics, swam, went to the zoo, and went to restaurants. We decided to go on this trip to have some good team bonding time and we got to train with great athletes and coaches.

The Science of it

I was learning a new skill on bars on the channel bar. A channel bar is a bar that is over a hole in the ground so somebody can easily spot you. I was having spot and then the coach set me down right on top of my teammate! This connects to science because gravity pulls objects to the earth and gravity pulled me onto my teammate. When my team and I went to a restaurant we played pool while we waited for our food. The connection of playing pool and Newton's 3rd law is when someone hit the cue ball towards another ball and they 2 pool balls hit the force transfers from the cue ball to the other ball.


1) If someone was to hit 2 pool balls at once would the force transfer to both?

2) Is there other ways Newton's 3rd law can relate to pool?

3) What ways does Newton's 3rd law involve gymnastics?

4) How does gravity relate to pool?


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