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Do you want to be a character in your own story? If you do Storybook is the place! Welcome to Storybook a place where stories are born. Be the first reader to be welcomed into Storybook! Meet your favorite characters from your favorite books. Storybook is an island in a shape of an open book. Need more information? Read on and explore Storybook.

Storybook's Characters

Here in Storybook you will see all kinds of characters like, heroes, fair ladies, villains, villagers, elves, and also the La La land creatures. Everyone one of these type of characters have their own territories. Heroes, Fair Ladies and Villagers live in Sunset Valley (S.V territory.) Sunset Valley is filled with mountains, valleys and a lot of different rivers. A famous river is the Mystical River Of Life. Villains live in Horror Hollow (H.H territory) it's one of the scariest place to visit or be, but don't worry Horrors love visitors like you. If you are a party person then visit Horror Hollow, a place where parties never end. Elves live in the Elf Village, you can't get in without them inviting you. Just be honest, they love honesty. Storybook's main wizards live in Elf village. They don't like to be bothered though. La La Land creatures live in La La Land where all types of candy are made and traded with the other territories. The creatures are living candy and ginger bread people. Their "queen" (representer) is the "witch" of the candy house.


  • Mountain climbing at the Ever After Mountains - Climb the highest peak of the Ever After Mountains and bike down/up the soothing trails past the opened valleys plus a bonus picnic.
  • A beautiful week swimming and relaxing at Story Brooke Sand - Stay at the beach hotels with a beautiful scenery, take a boat out and swim
  • Fun Character Cruise in the Red Enchanted Sea - Take a cruise with your favorite characters and enjoy fun activities or just relax and see mysterious creatures in the sea
  • Tour all around Storybook plus sightseeing in three days time - Visit and sight see everywhere in Storybook
  • (Family time) Camping in the safe zone of the Grimm Forest - Camp with your family in the peaceful and beautiful safe zone of the Grimm Forest (cautious-supervision provided)
  • Quest with your favorite characters to create your own story - Pick your setting and create a story with your favorite characters
  • Experiment with the elf wizards - Have fun experimenting with elf wizards in Elf Village, experiment with candy such as different types of candy flavors
  • You are invited to Horror Hollow's costume party - Dress up and have fun with your family/friends plus karaoke night (if you are going to get crazy! Then we suggest not to bring children)
  • Visit La La Land's extremely fun candy house factory - taste new candy sample products and buy all different types/kinds of candy


RSVP First Flight to Storybook

Sunday, June 28th 2015 at 6am to Monday, July 6th 2015 at 12:30pm

Storybook island

To RSVP email storybook.land@yahoo.com

Email the address of your local airport and we will create a flight to Storybook from your local airport. This is a world wide flight to Storybook. If this date does not work out for you please email us and we will negotiate. Thank you for choosing Storybook island.

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Need more information on anything else? Please don't hesitate to email us or check on our website visit_storybook.com.