Shark cull


Shark cull? Hell no

I hear lots of people get kill by shark at night where the shark comes out and can see better.Now look we have no evidences that why we should EVEN BE culling sharks now every hate shark but think again it's going to ruin our Eco system and rare animals will die.

Why cull?

Shark is very dangerous and very easy to see but the people who AGREE to cull shark is very let's say mean because first of all they don't think about our Eco system.The Eco system is what make the world stay the same for example shark will still be alive but IF we cull all the shark in the shark in the world they will be a existence.

Why do we even cull sharks? 🤔🤔

Now think the government get what we want but think again they just waste a lot of money on metal and plastic to make a floating hook to catch a shark in the ocean.The government also made a place in the ocean called (shark no go zone) and put the hook they and wait for few day and a shark dies and done.But that's such a coward way to cull shark even tho I'm disagreeing to cull shark but what I'm tell you is that it's soo coward as if the government is ALSO sacred at the shark and just do what ever they want.