Bring your own chair. Everybody gets to pick a song. Just acoustics. All members and their guests encouraged to attend. Bring your guitar, banjo, keyboard, bass. Love to have you join in!


Musical campfire event. Bring your instrument and a couple songs to perform. If you want others to sing along, that's awesome! If it's not a well known song, bring some copies of the lyrics (10-15 should do it). Want others to play along? Bring copies of the chords to share with other musicians. Not very musically proficient? No problem! If you can keep a beat, we're looking to provide shake eggs, bongos and miscellaneous percussion stuff. Can you carry a tune? Everyone loves a sing along! (That's what this is all about, after-all.) Can't play a thing? Sounds like a good excuse for a kazoo solo...


When the shadows lengthen and the evening comes, when the fever of a day at the river is winding down and supper is over. Shooting for one gathering per month at sundown. Watch this space for the announcement of the date of our first event.


Fire ring abutting Ranger Station. Located near RBMC restrooms, a common element.


Suitable for all ages. Expertise is NOT required...just 4 or 5 basic chords will do it.


No cost to attend (bring a snack to share). Donated campfire wood appreciated, take back to your "place" what isn't used.


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