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May 14, 2016

Professional Development Symbaloo Mix

Symbaloo is a free, visual bookmarking tool that makes it simple to store and organize your resources in a cloud. SymbalooEDU premium is an optional management system that gives educators the luxury of storing digital resources for classrooms and professional development, distribute, and share educational tools and resources with other educators and students. Students will be able to complete projects, share with classmates, and upload assignments.

Why Symbaloo?

This Is Symbaloo

Symbaloo Features

With the implementation of STEAM, teachers, district, sonf administrators will be require to use more online interactive tools. Since most teachers are not savvy with technology, I would recommend the premium account. With a SymbalooEDU account teachers will be able to customize their account with a personalized domain name, create online classrooms, distribute content, and manage their interface.

What is a Tile?

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Tools and Resources

Educators new to Symbaloo will have no problems accessing tools and resources for classroom and professional development to enhance lessons and skills to become efficient with technology. My professional development webmix is loaded with STEAM activities, videos, educational news, lessons, educational articles, and rss feeds ready for use, with free access to materials and content in the webmixes.
Please click on link to access Symbaloo web mixes.