About Alan Turing

The picture was taken three years before his death

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Alan turning was the founder of modern computer technology. His job was a pioneering computer scientist who had also studied maths and was very clever in that subject other interests included marathon and ultra distance running. During the Second World War ,Turing worked for the Government Code and Cypher School (GC&CS)at Bletchley park Britain's code breaking centre. Here he played a major part in deciphering the Germans messages trying to find out what they were communicating about. He lead the team and successfully made his first machine that decoded the Germans messages this was called the bombe. After this he became a well known figure at Bletchley and turned his thoughts towards his next machine in National Physical Laboratory.His plans were dismissed by his colleagues and the lab lost out on being the first to design a digital computer. In 1949, he went to Manchester University where he directed the computing laboratory and developed a body of work that helped to form the basis for the field of artificial intelligence. In 1951 he was elected a fellow of the Royal Society.

Sadly he died on the 7th june 1954 aged 42years old. Many people assumed it was suicide but has mother believed it was accidental. He will go down in technology history

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